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Myth #2

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Background checks and criminal record reviews can be done by any online investigation company.  


MYTH #2:  Background checks and criminal record reviews can be done by any online investigation company.

FACT:  Not all insurance investigation experts are the same.  When you check around, you’ll find that very few will promise to go the extra mile for you.

For example, we go to courthouses across the country, looking at physical court records to find convictions and charges.  We may uncover a clue that others simply wouldn’t find.  Plus we scour civil records to pinpoint any patterns of behavior, financial troubles or employment issues that support your case.  And when needed, we can conduct a medical background check as well.  This approach is standard with us.

Count on us to get you the complete background check and criminal records information you need, in a professional and discreet manner, so you can close your fraud case.


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Looking for an insurance fraud investigator who gets results?  You’ve just discovered the private investigation Company the insurance industry relies on for saving MILLIONS in potential exposure to injury claims and workers comp settlements.

Inter-Facts Inc. is a full-service Professional Investigations and Research firm based in the Chicago area.  The company utilizes a network of licensed, experienced investigators to serve clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America.  Our services range from simple background and pre-employment checks through intensive surveillance and criminal defense investigations.


Call our national hotline for a FREE telephone consultation.


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