Insurance Investigations

Save $100,000 or more on bodily injury claims fraud. Need help investigating a possible insurance crime? We dig deeper to help you uncover or rule out potential claims fraud. 

InsuranceInvestigationsPageImageINTER-FACTS insurance investigation experts press further than anyone to help you determine claims fraud and save you several thousands of dollars in injury claims payouts and/or attorney fees.  

Every INTER-FACTS insurance investigation focuses on locating the key people and evidence you need before making important decisions regarding an insurance crime.  We begin with background information obtained through court and public records, and then conduct further research in the neighborhood, including businesses and other pertinent sources.

The result?  Our private investigators uncover the complete truth for you by answering: Is your subject...     

  • A malingerer?
  • Treated for prior injuries?
  • Active in sports or hobbies?
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs?
  • Working around the house?
  • Someone with a history of civil litigation?
  • Working a second job?
  • Having prior Work Comp claims?
  • Arrested in the past?
  • With a sketchy educational background?
  • Possessing a criminal record?
  • A good surveillance candidate?

Our goal is to find sources who know the claimant intimately - friends, coworkers, shirt-tail relatives, business associates, even friends of other family members - people who provide you with insights you can't possibly get any other way.


MedicalCanvasPageImageWe investigate INSURANCE ADJUSTER CLAIMS and BODILY INJURY CLAIMS FRAUD through these services:

  • INTER-FACTS Special Investigation - activities, employment, injury history, records
  • Activity Checks - neighborhood, business and key sources
  • Employment - employment dates, lost wages, job duties, injuries
  • Medical Canvass - dates of treatment, medical bills, injury history
  • Records - civil, criminal, real estate, divorce, bankruptcy, motor vehicle, death, birth
  • Location Report - our success rate is unmatched
  • Surveillance - rates vary between packages
  • Pre-Employment - employment history, records
  • Subrogation - assets, property, income sources, employment
  • Dependency - marital, dependent children, health, income


Find out how we can save you $100,000 or more.


Inter-Facts Affiliations

NALILogoNational Association of Legal Investigators : Formed in 1967 for legal investigators actively engaged in negligence investigations for the plaintiff and/or criminal defense. 



The National Council of Investigation and Security Services: The National Voice of the Private Investigation & Security Profession  



The National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators : Providing recognition, encouragement, and support to individuals who demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in conducting insurance investigation.