Nationwide Surveillance

Discover how our expert insurance surveillance techniques help you avoid paying fraudulent claims… or further minimize your settlement payout.

Our high success rate — superb among surveillance companies — comes from our specialized use of hidden surveillance equipment and experienced local investigators.

When you compare surveillance companies, you’ll find INTER-FACTS insurance surveillance techniques to be effective, legal and ethical while keeping your company out of the spotlight.

Here’s what you can expect from us:SurveillancePageImage

Pre-Surveillance Preparation

Before conducting insurance claim surveillance, INTER-FACTS begins with an investigation to verify the claimant’s residential status, as well as uncover possible activity patterns that may reveal contradictory information, such as regular gym workouts or outings where physical activity takes place.

24/7 Covert Surveillance Techniques

Realizing that most people aren't home during the work day, and taking advantage of the latest covert surveillance equipment, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to follow claimants and locate witnesses for you. Our success rate in location investigations is upwards of 95%.

Hidden Surveillance Equipment

We use specially equipped surveillance vans suitable to the specific areas traversed by the claimant. We use state-of-the-art home surveillance cameras and recording equipment to obtain video proof.

Complete Privacy and Legal Due Diligence

We’ll never embarrass your company or expose you to risk as we conduct surveillance. We won't invade the privacy of the subject of the investigation, nor will we engage in any activities that in any way violate local, state, or federal laws.

Excellent Documentation

As a result of our surveillance techniques, your reports will be well documented, presentable in court, and will include copies of all video films obtained and photographs taken.  And, we'll send as many as you like, as often as you like.

Our goal is to use exceptional insurance surveillance techniques that uncover any type of fraud, starting the moment you discover that a claim has been filed.

Inter-Facts Affiliations

NALILogoNational Association of Legal Investigators : Formed in 1967 for legal investigators actively engaged in negligence investigations for the plaintiff and/or criminal defense. 



The National Council of Investigation and Security Services: The National Voice of the Private Investigation & Security Profession  



The National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators : Providing recognition, encouragement, and support to individuals who demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in conducting insurance investigation.