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The Whys, When's and How's of Online Dating Background Searches

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Online dating can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.


Exhilarating because the more than 1,500 online dating sites allow us to peek into someone else's life and determine whether we think they might be a fun date, a compatible life partner, or both. And you don't even have to buy the other person a drink to do so!

Nerve-wracking because we know others are peeking at us "virtually," and likely judging us based on our online profile. Plus, we risk the potential for rejection once we send a message, a wink or a flirt to someone we find appealing.

And while all those emotions are building up inside us, it's incredibly easy to get caught up with another person, throwing caution (and sometimes, common sense) to the wind. Often, we act first and think later, but doing so compromises our safety.


As a licensed Private Investigator for more than more than 20 years, above all else, I believe that one's personal safety is paramount!

While we don't want to let fear take the fun out of the experience, we do need to protect ourselves. Why? Because unfortunately there are people prowling the Internet whose motives are suspect. Though the percentage of reported physical and sexual abuse cases in the world of online dating is relatively low, there are many that go unreported.

The sad reality is that some people are not who they say they are. They not only embellish their online dating profiles, but they may also lead you (or someone you love) to believe they have important positions in the workforce. Or they might insinuate they have a high level of financial security, making them appear more attractive based on their success.


When should you look into someone's past? When you decide that it's time to consider the possibility of a serious relationship.

We are not advocating a background investigation on everyone with whom you have coffee. That would be ridiculous. I have what I call the "Third Date Rule." What I believe is realistic is just after you have that third encounter. Or once your intuition suggests that this person may be the one. Then it's time to make sure everything you've seen and heard adds up.


How can you accomplish this in a cost-effective yet thorough way?

By turning to Dating Backgrounds, the nation's leading provider of detailed and accurate background searches. We can guarantee the veracity of the personal information you've been given, and we can access any appearances they've made in a civil or criminal courtroom. See one of our reports on our website to learn more..

People ask me all the time, isn't conducting a background search like snooping around behind someone's back? My response is unequivocally NO!

We can verify that the person you've met is exactly who they say they are, their position in society and whether they have any criminal or questionable civil history. All it takes is one person and one incident: You don't want to be that person!

Next time: How education and protection are only possible through a person or company that has the right experience to provide a competent background search?

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Bill Lamb

William (Bill) Lamb, a licensed Private Detective, began his professional investigation career in the 1980’s in the Military Police, moving into Military Police Investigations within one year.  Following service to his country, Mr. Lamb moved into a management position, always having the thought of returning to some type of investigation work.  In 1995, he accepted a position working for Insurance Investigative Consultants, one of the nation's original investigation firms, providing support to the insurance industry.  William Lamb continues to review every file before it reaches a client's hands.  He also personally handles criminal defense investigations for some of Lake County’s top law firms.

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