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A Crystal Ball for Date Background Checks? Impossible!

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Be wary of online companies claiming to be able to check national criminal and civil records. It’s impossible.

The latest advertisers claim they can search criminal records nationwide for $6. Truth is, it simply can’t be done! These companies are making false statements that can conceivably get someone injured or killed.

In a 2013 survey, more than 50 percent of participants complained of having received a misleading profile. Some people create entirely false profiles to entrap unsuspecting victims. One example is “Catfishing." This ploy cost online daters $50.4 million in losses in 2011 alone.

False Claims Abound

Dating Backgrounds has run searches through many of these companies on multiple individuals known to have criminal records. First, they rarely positively identify the person being searched. Second, these searches come up empty when it comes to records. Let’s face it. How do you know you have the correct, say Robert Johnson if there’s no date of birth, Social Security number, etc.?

Many criminal records are maintained at the county level so that’s where you need to look. Some states, such as Michigan, offer statewide criminal searches for $10 with a subscription. It doesn’t seem plausible that a company would spend $10 to search state records and only charge you $6.

What if you purchase a date background check on Mr. or Mrs. Right, who is a violent criminal, and that $6 search company doesn’t find it?

Civil records are a completely different. They’re more difficult to identify since there isn’t a date of birth on these filings. Typically, the only way to identify a subject on most civil filings is through an address. That can’t be found on an Internet search so you may have to dig deep in the file to get it.

The bottom line is anyone can buy a web address and claim to do date background check for a nominal fee. Unfortunately, many still believe the Internet is like a crystal ball. You can find out anything about anyone with a click of a mouse. In most instances, however, the result is a false claim, whether it be date background checks or any other background check.

We Know Where to Look
At Dating Backgrounds, our background investigations are performed by Inter-Facts, Inc., a licensed private detective agency with extensive experience in researching and preparing custom background reports.

We have access to confidential databases, only available to Private Investigators that allow us to positively identify the search subject. That assures us that any information we find actually pertains to the person you want investigated.

The Personal Touch
Our private investigators bring a human element to your search, unlike the faceless online providers who promise an "instant" date background check. We’re committed to protecting our clients. Our licensed private investigators have the resources and know-how to compile the most accurate, up-to-date background reports on the person you want to date.

Dating Backgrounds doesn’t sell you useless or deceiving information. We will give you the knowledge you need to make educated decisions regarding the person you want to date.

Before you trust your personal safety to a company that makes false claims, call Dating Backgrounds and speak with a licensed private detective.

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Bill Lamb

William (Bill) Lamb, a licensed Private Detective, began his professional investigation career in the 1980’s in the Military Police, moving into Military Police Investigations within one year.  Following service to his country, Mr. Lamb moved into a management position, always having the thought of returning to some type of investigation work.  In 1995, he accepted a position working for Insurance Investigative Consultants, one of the nation's original investigation firms, providing support to the insurance industry.  William Lamb continues to review every file before it reaches a client's hands.  He also personally handles criminal defense investigations for some of Lake County’s top law firms.

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