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Inter-Facts Inc. is a full-service Investigations and Research firm based in the Chicago area.

The company employs a network of licensed, experienced investigators to serve clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America.

Inter-Facts services range from background and pre-employment checks through medical background checks and intensive surveillance.


Inter-Facts Investigations dates back to 1960. The nucleus of our company was born out of Factual Services Bureau, one of the nations 1st Investigation companies serving the Insurance industry. We are experts at gathering information using old-school Private Detective know-how, as well as the latest investigative technology.

Inter-Facts principle William (Bill) Lamb, a licensed Private Detective, began his professional investigation career in the 1980’s in the Military Police, moving into Military Police Investigations within one year. Following service to his country, Mr. Lamb moved into a management position, while always having the thought of returning to investigation work. In 1995, he accepted a position working for Insurance Investigative Consultants, one of the nation's original investigation firms, providing support to the insurance industry. William Lamb continues to review every file before it reaches a client's hands.
He also personally handles criminal defense investigations for some of Illinois top law firms.

"We love the variety of cases, and helping clients navigate the multiple unknowns. We take pride in the way we service our customers – going above and beyond. We don’t stop until we have the answers."



The Inter-Facts Team strives for truth, and the truth is in the details. Inter-Facts applies exhaustive attention to detail and tenacious commitment to complete results.

Workable answers and clarity are the hallmark of
‘Don’t-Stop-Digging’ Mindset.

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“Our Board of Directors wanted improvement in our anti-fraud efforts for our bottomline. So we brought in Inter-Facts.
We were able to present tangible results in a matter of weeks.”

– Bobbi S. - HR & Operations
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