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Looking for an insurance fraud investigator who gets results?  You’ve just discovered the private investigation Company the insurance industry relies on for saving MILLIONS in potential exposure to injury claims and workers comp settlements. 

Here’s why your peers in the insurance industry, TPAs and self-insured trucking companies turn to Inter-Facts: Each insurance fraud investigation begins with your goal in mind.

INTER-FACTS investigators begin every case with a complete assessment. This includes: 

  • Asking you questions that help us help you,
  • Explaining the issues involved with the case, and
  • Preparing a plan that will achieve your desired goal

We deploy our most effective insurance fraud investigation services to your case. 

Inter-Facts Inc. is a full-service Professional Investigations and Research firm based in the Chicago area.  The company employs a network of licensed, experienced investigators to serve clients in both the public and private sectors throughout North America.  Our services range from background and pre-employment checks through intensive surveillance and medical canvas.  

You can expect dramatic results. 

Since 1995, Inter-Facts private investigators have helped hundreds of clients solve their legal problems due to false bodily injury claims and bogus workers comp settlements. Let us do the same for you.  

Call us the minute you’re aware of a claim. We’ll help you get the information you need — quickly and efficiently — to move ahead and make well-informed, cost-saving decisions.

Fraud continues to be a problem for the insurance industry and medical fraud, in particular, is growing according to Andy Tolsma, Solutions Manager for the P&C Medical Fraud payments accuracy division for Verisk Health. […] It’s estimated that $234 billion goes to medical fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare system annually – that’s $28.5 million an hour. 

— Claims Journal, October 2015


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Inter-Facts Affiliations

NALILogoNational Association of Legal Investigators : Formed in 1967 for legal investigators actively engaged in negligence investigations for the plaintiff and/or criminal defense. 



The National Council of Investigation and Security Services: The National Voice of the Private Investigation & Security Profession  



The National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators : Providing recognition, encouragement, and support to individuals who demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in conducting insurance investigation.