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Medical Canvass is a good example of the kind of detailed investigative work we apply at INTER-FACTS. There are several routes to investigate in pursuit of the truth behind medical claims.

The medical canvass identifies where treatment has been received. Records can then be requested with a release. We can canvass any type of medical facility.


All Inter-Facts Canvass efforts include both a national database search and a Bankruptcy Court Search, which are reviewed by our leadership prior to initiation.

Search via Bankruptcy Court identifies medical-related bankruptcies, as approximately 67% of all bankruptcies are connected to medical issues.

The National Database search utilizes all ID options to confirm identity, aliases, SSN, DOB, address history and other critical information.

Geographic canvass identifies nearby hospitals, emergency rooms, immediate care, clinics, pharmacies and more.

You receive your Inter-Facts Privacy Compliant Medical Canvass Report back as scheduled, and in simple, concise detail.

These reports help you:

1.  Strengthen investigations    2.  Have clarity with litigation and settlements

3.  Substantiate claimant’s statements​    4.  Establish cause and detail of injury

5.  Dispute extent of injury claims    6.  Identify pre-existing conditions and treatment


7.  Reveal ‘doctor shopping’    8.  Reveal abusive drug use patterns

9.  Uncover prescription duplication​    10.  Justify filing denials and disputes

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“Bill and his team made our Canvass effort a clear, open-and-shut case. What could have been drawn-out litigation, was instead a 13-day process to closure.”
– Abraham F. - Workers Compensation Specialist
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